HERE WE GO . . .



Hello!!! This is funsexymom!

I decided that its time for me to blog. . . why? Because I have some great stories to tell from some amazing mistakes I have made in my life. I’m a lot of FUN. I think I’m SEXY. Last but not least, I’m a MOM.

A little about myself . . I come from a family where I am the oldest girl. Dad hoped for a boy but he got me instead. Growing up I was the boy of the family. Thats okay. I was close to my dad, closer than my sisters (ha ha).  Life wasnt always easy growing up. Dad worked a construction job and mom stayed home with us kids. Money was tight. Life was good.

I’m now a grown adult (an old one) with a grandson and my last child heading to college. Life has been bumpy to say the least. Thats why I’m here. I want to share my “bumpy” life with anyone that wants to listen.





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