Garage Sales & other stuff

As I sit here watching the Olympics (GO TEAM USA) I have so many thoughts running around in my brain that I can’t focus on one single thing. I’ve decided to talk about all the things I want to talk about.

Do I start with all the years I just barely lost out on the “Mother of the Year” award? How about my 2 failed marriages? My swinger days? My amazing kids? My gorgeous grandson? My internet dating? My dogs, cats? My disability? My OCD? My bad habits? The job I got fired from? How much I miss my dad? How I love to camp? My favorite books? There are so many subjects that I am an expert (ba ha ha) on that I cant decide what I want the world to know about me first.

Right now I can’t stop thinking about the stupid fucking garage sale I’m having this weekend. WTF was I thinking? Why don’t I donate this shit to charity? Oh ya that’s right, I need money for a new pair of glasses. Why do I need glasses you ask? Well I fell. Yep flat on my ass, busted my face. I’m ok. Just need new glasses.

So for a moment lets talk about garage sales. You take all the shit that doesn’t fit or gifts you received that sucked and try to sell it to people who don’t need it. All right I confess I love to go to garage sales. I always find some piece of junk that I don’t need but buy it anyways only to place in the next garage sale I have. Sometimes I buy that one thing that I am sure I saw sell for the big bucks on ebay only to discover I was wrong.dc8oLkjgi

My house looks like a tornado went through it, boxes of crap everywhere. And if that’s not enough I tell my sister-in-law to bring her stuff. What I didn’t know is that she has more shit than I have and she has to work tomorrow. That means its all me. Setting up, listening to people who want to give me nothing for my junk, and tearing back down, only to set back up on Saturday. Grrrr I’m an idiot.


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