My Cousins Eyes

via Daily Prompt: Eyes

. . . they sparkled at the site of her toddlers, they looked on to her growing boys going to school, they gazed at her husband that she loved so dearly. The same husband who now leads her around, makes her plate, picks out her clothes.

Here eyes saw the world with its bright green grass, its beautiful orange and red sunsets, now they are dark.

Dark . . . diabetes. . . Destroyed her liver, destroyed her pancreas, ripped out her only enjoyment of seeing the world through her beautiful eyes.

She sees the world now through her sense of smell, sense of touch, sense of just being. Can she remember the colors her dark eyes used to see? Does she remember the face of the man that loves her so much? Are her eyes connected to her inner soul so that she still may see?

The window to her soul is closed, dark, and ugly. Closed forever.



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