Intro to my Internet dating

I found myself divorced with 3 kids and spent 5 years not leaving the house on the weekend. I decided it was time to “get back out there” and get me a date.

I live in a small town where everyone is related. I needed someone who doesn’t know every single detail of my pathetic life. Internet dating. That was my answer.

I found myself looking at websites. seemed just too much for me, they wanted money and I’d be damned if paid to get a date. I started out with Plenty of Fish. Well . . . it should have been called Plenty of Dicks. Don’t get me wrong I had a blast on that sight (more stories to follow), but I received more dick pictures via text messages than Playgirl has.

Just so you know I was very careful about my dates. My bff (I’ll call her FSM2) always knew whom I was going out with, where I would be and his phone number. We did extensive research to find out any dirt possible. Sometimes she would go on the date with me and sit somewhere and just watch to make sure everything was kosher. There were a few we missed. Again, more stories to come.

I have so many stories. Some of them are horrifying some are hysterical and some are down right nasty.


That’s my intro. The actual dating experiences will follow.


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