My audience

As I sit here, alone, bored and tired on my broke down sofa I am trying to figure out whom my audience is that I really want to identify with. People like me? Past middle aged women with a passion for life, but not enough money or energy to enjoy it. Women that love but could kill their husbands at the sadottie-couchthrowme time. Women with grown up kids and a grandkid or two?

My age group has experienced some great times and some very trying times. I, myself, have seen horrible things in my life that I would prefer to forget, but, this blog is here for me to talk about those things and remind others going through it that you can do this.

I want to identify with my audience  when I say “Ya, I Internet dated and what a disaster” or “my husband is just like having another child.”

Tonight as I’m feeling sorry for myself I got out my Bible and am reading Job. I could never be him. As much as I wish I could be more like Job, I am not. Not even close. Don’t get me wrong, I try to be a good person but there are days that my mouth is much bigger than it should be.

So the audience I want to identify with is YOU. The below middle class, past middle aged, divorced, remarried, broke, former sexual diva, scrap booker, camper, dog and cat lover, and housewife that has many skeleton’s in her closet but continues to march on.


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