I am on my third marriage. Third times a charm right? My first two husbands were functioning alcoholics. This one has a beer or two here and there. No big deal.

We started camping this summer and my weekends have been full of a drunk (sometimes passed out) husband. I don’t like it at all. This is how the last two started. They weren’t drunks when I married them. They became drunks over the years and this one is following that pattern.

I seem to be drawn to people that really are not good for me. He has been drinking until he cant even walk. Then comes the puke, then passed out by 5 o’clock and not up till next day. This is not what I had in mind when we bought a camper!

Camping is supposed to be relaxing, drink a few drinks and sit by the campfire with friends and enjoy each other. Talk, laugh, sing etc. Not sure when it became a drunk fest.

I left him at an event we were at, after i was told by another woman that “I needed to find a place for him to sit” Fuck him. He is a grown man that chose to behave this way. Someone brought his drunk ass back to the camp site via a golf cart and helped him to a chair. I didn’t even look at him. He stumbled to the camper and flew back out the door landing on the ground before he stood up and puked all over the tailgate of my friends truck.

I have been trying to love him again and he pulls this bullshit, which sets back any progressive I have made thus far.  

Of course I get the “I’m sorry” text today after not speaking to him since Sunday. If I had a nickel for every “I’m sorry” my drunken X’s have given me I would be rich.

Hope your Labor Day Weekend was better than mine.




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